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iPhone 8 Plus Screen and Case Replacement

iPhone 8 Plus broken, cracked, scratched case replacement and original screen repair with 120 days warranty at our mobile service within the same day.

As a result of your accident, both the screen and the case of your iPhone 8 Plus may be broken and damaged at the same time. In this case, the first thing to think about is "Is it under warranty?" is the question. Any malfunction caused by impact and liquid contact is not covered by the Apple brand. Therefore, we cannot claim for free repair by putting it under warranty. If we want to get our phone whose screen and case is damaged after a quick repair process, we need to find a special service. Our trained technicians repair and replace your iPhone 8 plus with a new one quickly and safely. We provide a 120-day spare parts and labor guarantee for these changes.

CEPSERVIS Center Contact Information:

Telefon: (0850) 532 1 708

Most Asked Questions

How much is the iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement price?

For the current price, you can check the iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement page. What is the iPhone 8 Plus case replacement price?

How many inches is the iPhone 8 Plus screen size?

How long is the warranty period? You can contact us on whatsapp for questions such as:

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